Furbs consumables

Here are the currently available furbs consumables and their descriptions. This page is under development.


Candy-floss Candy-Floss. This is a supplement which causes fervor (ready-to-breed) to rise, which is necessary for breeding.
Furb Pregnancy Booster 10% Furbs Pregnancy booster - use this to boost your furb's pregnancy
Bucket-o-feed Bucket-o-feed. Your pets need to feed. This item is used to keep them fed. Place this in the vicinity of your Furbs to feed them.
Feed needs to be rezzed at all times else the furbs will get hungry and sick.
1 Bucket-o-feed lasts 2 Furbs 2 weeks.
Furb Passion Booster 10% Furbs Passion booster - Need a quick passion boost for your furb? want to cut the wait time? This item is used to give your furb a quick passion boost (ready-to-breed).
Using it will increase your Furb's ready-to-breed level by 10%
Furb vet Furb vet syringe. Is your Furb sick? This item is used to heal a sick furb and get it going again.
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